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VIA ZONA ARTIGIANALE SNC, Agnone, Agnone, Isernia

Isernia, Isernia

Milk and cheese

The Di Nucci family, native of Capracotta, in the province of Isernia, has been producing typical cheese products of the Transhumance civilization since 1662. For ten generations, starting with Leonardo Di Nucci, the cheese making tradition of Southern Italy has been handed down from father to son. The handed down cheese making skills are now guarded and practiced in the Di Nucci dairy, located in Agnone, which is in the heart of Alto Molise region. The Di Nucci family’s story goes side by side with the evolution of the history of agriculture and zootechnics carried out in the South of Italy: starting from the moving of sheep and cattle along the tracks of the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions, all the way to the developing of animal husbandry of dairy cattle and the birth of dairies, which has occurred over the last century. The production techniques have remained the same as those of the past: the dairy still uses raw milk that comes exclusively from the vast mountain region all around Agnone and the Alto Molise area, using a whey starter and avoiding the use of milk enzymes and preservatives. Furthermore, it ensures transparency and traceability of production throughout the entire production and distribution chains, making Di Nucci’s handcrafted cheeses the central point of taste and emotion. The most famous, among the stretched curd cheese group, is the “Stracciata” (literally this term means “torn”); while the most famous among the aged cheese is the “Caciocavallo”, ripened more than 12 months in stone cellars, Supergold winner during the last World Cheese Award held in Birmingham in November 2013, nominated as Best Italian Cheese among the same competition. The intermediate-aged products are also considered remarkable: not only are they exclusively hand-made (like all of the products), but they are also enriched with gastronomical products coming from Alto Molise territory such as truffle, red hot pepper and “soppressata” (a typical salami of Agnone). The award-winning Caseificio Di Nucci has been declared as a National Historical Company. Yearly, it ranks first in the most important national and international competitions. In October 2004, Unioncamere awarded Caseificio Di Nucci first prize for being the oldest and most successful Italian company. In 2005, Caseificio Di Nucci received the “Dino Villani” award from the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, for its contributions made to Italian gastronomy. Furthermore, Caseificio Di Nucci is a member of Symbola, the foundation for Italian Excellences. In 2009, Caseificio Di Nucci stipulated a transparency agreement for the food-chain traceability with the A.I.A. (Association for Italian Farmers) adopting the trade mark system ITALIALLEVA. Caseificio Di Nucci’s small factory is enriched by the “Massaro Giovanni Di Nucci ” Museum; whereby visitors are offered presentations of suggestive historical routes and tastings, by the owners.

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Dipolma Impresa Storica d'Italia_Unioncamere

Logo Impresa Storica d'Italia_Caseificio Di Nucci

Best Italian Cheese 2013 - World Cheese Award

World Cheese Award 2013_Supergold

Caciocavallo di Agnone PAT - Stracciata PAT_Elenco ufficiale

World Cheese Award 2014_Silver_Caciocavallo Di Nucci


Best Italian Cheese 2013 - World Cheese Award

World Cheese Award 2013_Supergold

World Cheese Award 2014_Silver_Caciocavallo Di Nucci