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Italy is leader in Europe for fruit and vegetable production. Much of its production is within the biological regime. Biodiversity and the rediscovery of ancient cultivars are the real innovation.

Italy is the garden of Europe. This definition of the specialist agriculture that produces fruit and vegetables is no exaggeration. The first ingredient for the quality of Italian produce is the biodiversity of our cultivation. As for innovation, apart from the most advanced technologies in growing, packaging and company management and in governing logistics, today it consists of two paradigms that state complete sustainability: cultivation in the biological regime and the rediscovery and return to cultivation of ancient cultivars. This is true in both the vegetable sector and that of fruit, where Italy holds an undisputed first place in some segments. The direction of Dop and Igp certifications has given new impetus to this agricultural sector and helped nurture the industrial sector of transformation, which is among the world leaders for value of production as well as for its acclaimed quality. In Italy, real cultivation districts have formed: this is true for citrus growing and also for apples, for pears, for chicory, for vegetables in general (from celery to onions), for hazelnuts, for prickly pears, for kiwi fruit, for chestnut growing and for beans. Besides extensive and greenhouse production, there is also cultivation recovering ancient, indigenous cultivars, which have enabled marginal lands to be brought back under cultivation. Apart from this, reconversion of cultivation in the biological regime is continually expanding so that it now involves the entire national territory.