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Industrialists, fashion designers, tycoons, artists and opinion leaders are going back to the land for a new wine making dimension

It isn't just an Italian phenomenon but a strikingly Italian one. Industrialists, artists, opinion leaders, financiers and sports stars are all investing in wine, making forays into wine making and taking new ideas to the vineyards. Simply a search for a business sideline? Or something more and different? Perhaps there's something of Erich Fromm in this 'back to land' phenomenon, a sort of compensation between being and having. But it is almost always wine which offsets the two. Wine made on the land satisfying that ancestral call to his rural roots which every Italian is subject to in this post-industrial era; cultured, sacred wine. Wine born from the land and this land in particular, which lives through grapes but shows itself in man. Louis Pasteur - the man who discovered fermentation - was quite right when he asserted that "a bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world". The contribution that these new winemakers - who feel the need to give a territorial definition to their efforts - have made to Italian wine is immense. They have showed it how to be as beautiful as it is good, to run the world's streets, they've given it new shapes and exalted its soul and character. But these successful men and women whose wine labels reflect the glamour of showbiz have got a great deal back from wine too. They've learnt, to the contrary of business, that in the vineyards nature is the only king. So it is also thanks to these entrepreneurs that Italy is making better wines but it is also thanks to these wines that Italy has better entrepreneurs.