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The Project

Italian Quality Experience, is a portal created at the initiative of Unioncamere and Chambers of Commerce Expo 2015, to ensure that the world may know the intricacies of the Italian model of food production, made up of about 700,000 companies.

A model that has proved its viability, capacity for change and not only production, but also the cultural leadership.

Any business can create, for free, an online showcase and add and update information on their work, in addition to the personal data already in the public platform business, thanks to the Register of Companies.

Italian Quality Experience is also a tool for the promotion of our country abroad. Because through stories and videos about Italian food chains made available on the portal through collaboration with the Symbola and RAI, you can live a kind of "experiential travel" that can stimulate the interest of the navigator to those territories where the protagonists are the production , the rich cultural heritage and the landscape that surrounds them.

To spread knowledge of international platform an important role is played by the Italian Chambers of Commerce and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, including through the network of 1.998 Italian restaurants in the world in 59 countries on five continents, allowing reach more than 60 million people.

The portal in numbers

To date, more than 700,000 companies in the agro-food enlarged extracted from the Business Register and published in the web platform Italian Quality Experience. A production that for the first time it is placed under examination in a single portal in relation to the different sectors: 1,292 companies of the oils of seeds; 185,593 companies in the supply chain of vegetables and fruit; 14,948 companies of flowers, honey, spices and condiments; 82,416 companies of wines, champagnes and spirits; 2,782 companies that produce cocoa, chocolate and confectionery; 1,905 companies of coffee, tea, fruit juices and mineral water; 46057 companies for milk and cheese; 177,179 of cereals, bread, pasta and desserts; 612 rice; 12,988 of the fishing sector; 109,565 cattle farms, meat and meat processing; 409 companies that produce beer; 889 chemicals for agriculture; 6,892 producing machines for food production; 47,847 companies that produce olive oil.

Improve your profile is easy and free

To increase the level of visibility any business can add and update information about their work to the public personal data extracts from the Companies Register in the platform.

Companies with more certified information will be recognized as the most qualified and, therefore, will also be those most visible. Because the spirit of the project is to "Bring all" but "All in a different way" for "Telling the excellence and diversity" to the whole world. Today, more than 4,500 companies that have already registered and that thanks to the scoring of visibility available to them may stand out more easily in the panorama Italian food. But whoever wished is still time to do so. Simply register for free on the portal to enrich their profile with information on the activities, products and history.